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Your Data – safe and sound

MOUNT10 is your partner for data and security: long-term data retention, cloud backups, disaster recovery and file sharing. Our promise: your data stays in Switzerland. Safe and sound in the most secure data centre in Europe.
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Whether being a SME, large company or the public sector - at MOUNT10 you will find the right product.


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With MOUNT10, we have found a partner who shares and lives simple but important values such as sympathy, personality and simplicity.

Fabian Laschkolnig
Management Clalüna Computer GmbH

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Here you'll find the latest news about MOUNT10. It's worth stopping by, that way you're guaranteed not to miss any news.
Tuesday 05|09|23
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BILANZ Telekom Rating 2023

Switzerland has voted: We are proud to provide the best support of all cloud service providers in Switzerland!
Thursday 31|08|23
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New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP)

On 01 September 2023, the new Federal Act on Data Protection came into force.
Wednesday 05|07|23
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MOUNT10 Branding in the C2C Portal

Dear CLOUD 2 CLOUD (C2C) users: July comes with important and partly long-awaited innovations around the C2C portal.