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Tuesday 21|03|23
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MOUNT10 Product Finder

Are you looking for a suitable product for backup, file sharing or housing? With the MOUNT10 Product Finder you can find the perfect product for your needs within a few minutes.
Wednesday 01|03|23
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NEW - Veeam V12 with new functions

The latest version of Veeam was introduced in mid-February 2023. As a service provider, we already use this version on all our systems. With V12, long-awaited functions have finally been integrated into the software.
Monday 23|01|23
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VEEAM VCSP Reseller Ready: Off-site Backup

MOUNT10 has received the Veeam Reseller Ready Competency for off-site backup! Learn more about this important award and what it means for your data protection.
Monday 16|01|23
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The golden 3-2-1-1-0 backup rule

📢 New year - new ransomware attacks

With the 3-2-1-1-0 backup rule, you cannot prevent an attack, but attacked systems are back online within minutes - and with the latest data.
Thursday 01|09|22
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Finally, our new website is online!

We are very pleased to be able to introduce our new website to you.
Friday 26|08|22
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Bilanz Telecom Rating

No. 1 Cloud Service Provider in the Business Sector!
Hypervisor_NEWS_Zeichenfläche 1
Thursday 11|08|22
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Why won't my cloud provider let me access the hypervisor for backup?

This question has been asked several times in recent months. The reasons are wide-ranging.
Mail Archiv_NEWS-01
Thursday 09|06|22
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NEW: Backup for MS365 archive mailboxes

We are pleased to announce that our CLOUD 2 CLOUD platform is growing rapidly. As of today, Exchange archive mailboxes can now also be backed up with CLOUD 2 CLOUD!
Thursday 09|06|22
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Veeam with Ransomware Protection

With ImmutableVEEAM@MOUNT10, you ensure that your data cannot be changed. This prevents an attacker, or even you yourself, from deleting the backups of the previous days.
Thursday 09|06|22
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CLOUD 2 CLOUD: Two-factor authentication

Many customers and partners have asked for this feature. Now the function is finally available! The two-factor authentication increases the access security of CLOUD 2 CLOUD accounts and protects them from being misused by third parties.