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Tuesday 14|05|24
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Sponsoring PluSport Switzerland

We are very pleased to be able to support PluSport Disabled Sports Switzerland again this year with a sponsorship contribution, in order to promote committed athletes. Our special thanks go to PluSport for their great commitment to disabled sports in Switzerland.
S3 - S3pro_NEWS
Wednesday 06|03|24
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New at MOUNT10: S3@MOUNT10 - Maximum data security in SWISS FORT KNOX!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product range: S3@MOUNT10 + S3pro@MOUNT10!
Friday 01|03|24
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New CEO at MOUNT10

We are delighted to welcome Adrian Schurr as our new CEO at MOUNT10.
Thursday 22|02|24
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New at MOUNT10: CLOUD 2 CLOUD Backup for Salesforce.

We are delighted to introduce our latest product version: CLOUD 2 CLOUD Backup for Salesforce!
Monday 19|02|24
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CEO change at MOUNT10

Big changes are imminent at MOUNT10 AG - we say a grateful farewell to our long-standing CEO and proudly welcome our new CEO!
Monday 15|01|24
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MOUNT10 goes Instagram

We're excited to kick off on Instagram. Dive into the world of MOUNT10 with exclusive insights, engaging stories, and fresh perspectives on data security and innovative backup solutions. Don't miss out on the latest updates!
M10_To do List_NEWS
Monday 20|11|23
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BACKUP CHECKLIST - Have you thought of everything?

Before choosing a backup product, you should consider several factors to ensure that the solution meets your needs.
Tuesday 05|09|23
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BILANZ Telekom Rating 2023

Switzerland has voted: We are proud to provide the best support of all cloud service providers in Switzerland!
Thursday 31|08|23
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New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP)

On 01 September 2023, the new Federal Act on Data Protection came into force.
Wednesday 05|07|23
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MOUNT10 Branding in the C2C Portal

Dear CLOUD 2 CLOUD (C2C) users: July comes with important and partly long-awaited innovations around the C2C portal.
Tuesday 09|05|23
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Sponsoring PluSport Switzerland

We are very pleased to be able to support PluSport Switzerland with a donation in order to promote dedicated athletes with disabilities. Our special thanks goes to PluSport for their great commitment in the field of disabled sports in Switzerland.
Thursday 20|04|23
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The route to the right cloud backup offer

Are you looking for a cloud backup but the amount of choice seems overwhelming? In an interview with Swiss IT Magazine, MOUNT10 CEO Thomas Liechti and other IT experts explain what you should consider when choosing a cloud backup.
Tuesday 21|03|23
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MOUNT10 Product Finder

Are you looking for a suitable product for backup, file sharing or housing? With the MOUNT10 Product Finder you can find the perfect product for your needs within a few minutes.
Wednesday 01|03|23
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NEW - Veeam V12 with new functions

The latest version of Veeam was introduced in mid-February 2023. As a service provider, we already use this version on all our systems. With V12, long-awaited functions have finally been integrated into the software.
Monday 23|01|23
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VEEAM VCSP Reseller Ready: Off-site Backup

MOUNT10 has received the Veeam Reseller Ready Competency for off-site backup! Learn more about this important award and what it means for your data protection.
Monday 16|01|23
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The golden 3-2-1-1-0 backup rule

📢 New year - new ransomware attacks

With the 3-2-1-1-0 backup rule, you cannot prevent an attack, but attacked systems are back online within minutes - and with the latest data.
Thursday 01|09|22
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Finally, our new website is online!

We are very pleased to be able to introduce our new website to you.
Friday 26|08|22
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Bilanz Telecom Rating

No. 1 Cloud Service Provider in the Business Sector!
Hypervisor_NEWS_Zeichenfläche 1
Thursday 11|08|22
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Why won't my cloud provider let me access the hypervisor for backup?

This question has been asked several times in recent months. The reasons are wide-ranging.
Mail Archiv_NEWS-01
Thursday 09|06|22
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NEW: Backup for MS365 archive mailboxes

We are pleased to announce that our CLOUD 2 CLOUD platform is growing rapidly. As of today, Exchange archive mailboxes can now also be backed up with CLOUD 2 CLOUD!
Thursday 09|06|22
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Veeam with Ransomware Protection

With ImmutableVEEAM@MOUNT10, you ensure that your data cannot be changed. This prevents an attacker, or even you yourself, from deleting the backups of the previous days.
Thursday 09|06|22
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CLOUD 2 CLOUD: Two-factor authentication

Many customers and partners have asked for this feature. Now the function is finally available! The two-factor authentication increases the access security of CLOUD 2 CLOUD accounts and protects them from being misused by third parties.