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Just imagine: suddenly all your company data is lost, possibly even the entire system. A nightmare! And yet operational failure as a result is a real risk – and can be extremely costly. So that you don’t have to experience this scenario, suitable advance precautions need to be taken. MOUNT10 offers a wide range of products for automated data backup.
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As the Swiss market leader, MOUNT10 offers a wide range of products and various solutions for secure data storage. Our products are customisable, flexible and can be used independently of existing backup solutions.


Data and entire systems can be irretrievably lost for a variety of reasons, a worst-case scenario for anyone affected. Uncompromising and double protection, as well as a free personalised 24/7 service for all our customers are our focus.

At MOUNT10 all data is backed up fully automatically to our own two data centers in the Swiss Alps SWISS FORT KNOX I +II. Your data is stored here in the safest place in Europe. Optimally protected against crypto-viruses, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, fire and any other risks.

All our products are suitable for any size of company and any industry, especially for companies in a highly regulated environment.

With us you don’t move mountains, but your data is safe. With MOUNT10 as your backup partner, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.


Your added value with MOUNT10

Data backup: online in the cloud

Our various cloud solutions can be flexibly combined and individually customised to your specific requirements. MOUNT10 backs up your data, not only once but twice – for double the security.

Backups, safely stored in Swiss data centers

Your data is stored in the safest place in Europe: Swiss Fort Knox I and II. At these two data centres in the Swiss Alps, data is perfectly protected against cryptoviruses, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, fire and other risks.

Reliable service

MOUNT10 customers can rely on our support – and it’s free of charge. Our team is available 24/7: your calls are taken in Switzerland and you receive immediate professional support.

Backups for private individuals, SMEs and big concerns

MOUNT10 products are suitable for companies both large and small. They can be used across all sectors and provide an ideal backup solution, especially in strongly regulated environments.

Your data, our promise

Your Swiss backup partner MOUNT10 guarantees that your data is safe with us.

Our guarantee

redundant storage_blue-01
Encrypted storage at Swiss Fort Knox
Your data stays in Switzerland. Here, it is encrypted and stored redundantly in the safest data fortress in Europe – for double the security.
Support 24/7 – individual, free and from Switzerland
MOUNT10’s support team is available to you round the clock. Here, you receive efficient and expert assistance in all matters concerning your data backup.
retention time_blue-01
Customised data retention
You choose for how long you wish to retain your data: three months, ten years or longer. You have online access to your data round the clock.
Daily proactive process monitoring
Our Service Operation Center monitors backups manually on a daily basis. This ensures that your backups are performed regularly and successfully.
"As Swiss as possible"
Your data stays in Switzerland and enjoys Swiss legal protection: data centers Swiss Fort Knox I and II are safely located in the Swiss Alps.
market leader_blue-01
Swiss market leader
Your satisfaction with our services is important to us. Feedback from our customers shows that they would choose MOUNT10 again as they appreciate our high quality of service and personal support.
Individual file backups
Your files – documents, emails and calendar entries – are safely retained and can be restored at any time.
Full system backups
We give you maximum protection for your system: should anything go wrong, it can quickly be recovered.
Safe housing
Your server housing solution is absolutely unique; we specifically tailor it to your requirements.
Compatible with all standard operating systems
MOUNT10 services are compatible with all standard operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.
Top availability
You have 24/7 access to your backups.

Specialised backup solutions for discerning customers

The team at MOUNT10 is experienced, reliable and proficient in the handling of sensitive data. We therefore count companies from various branches of industry and organisations in the public sector among our clients.


Data confidentiality is crucial as more and more stakeholders, companies and governments try to gain access to information. MOUNT10 guarantees maximum security to protect data in the public sector.


Are you legally obliged to store confidential data? MOUNT10 safely encrypts customer data and stores this in its encrypted form at certified data centers.


Time is money. The loss of data can cause operational failures that are both damaging and expensive. Thanks to MOUNT10’s safe backup solutions, you can retrieve your data quickly and easily – from any device. This saves you precious time – and you can quickly resume work.


If you always work at maximum capacity, are often out on the road and under constant pressure to meet deadlines, your time is invaluable. It’s thus all the more important not to waste it. A loss of data can cost you days or even weeks. With a cloud backup solution you’re well prepared for this eventuality: should data be lost, there’s always a copy stored at our data center.


Medical personnel are responsible for the protection of their customer data. MOUNT10 offers SMEs in the field of healthcare tailor-made cloud backup solutions. Confidential patient data is encrypted before it is transferred, meaning it leaves your premises safely before being stored at our extremely secure data centers.


Like a fence protecting you from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours, our backup solutions safeguard your data. Designs, plans and confidential documents are all safe and sound with MOUNT10. Your data is encrypted and stored at Swiss Fort Knox in the Swiss Alps.

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