About MOUNT10 AG

MOUNT10 AG is specialised in the safe storage of physical and electronic information such as sensitive data. A privately-owned Swiss company, MOUNT10 is committed to information security.
Convenient and direct
We consult at eye level and from person to person - with all our clients.
We love what we do - and as a team we always strive for the best possible result.
We always communicate openly - so that you can make the best decision.

Swiss expert for data security

Over twenty years of experience make MOUNT10 AG an expert and pioneer when it comes to data security. The location of its data centres is the key to its success: Swiss Fort Knox I and Swiss Fort Knox II are considered to be the safest data centres in Europe.

Our story

A strong corporate group

SIAG Secure Infostore AG

A global provider of managed security services in the field of risk and security, SIAG Secure Infostore Ltd. works in consulting. It runs the two data centres Swiss Fort Knox I and Swiss Fort Knox II and is thus MOUNT10’s most important partner.

Surveillance by intelligence agencies

Since learning of the scale of the surveillance of electronic data and communications by the US National Security Agency (NSA), public awareness of data protection issues has increased. These include, for example, the encryption of data, contractually regulated availabilities and, specifically, the place where data is stored.


Since 2004, MOUNT10 has based its services without compromise on various tactics that provide maximum protection against the methods deployed by the US National Security Agency and its PRISM surveillance software:

  • Data storage in Switzerland
  • Encoding of data using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Backdoors blocked by security mechanisms: you receive a personal encryption key unknown to MOUNT10
  • Redundant data storage and contractual availability of at least 99.7%
  • Compliance with legal requirements governing backups under Swiss law, guaranteed by the necessary certification and reports.


Safe yet simple

Security is writen large at MOUNT10, its measures complex and comprehensive. This is the job of the team at MOUNT10. Our customers’ experience shows that our products are very easy to use and, should there be any questions, our support team is quick to provide assistance.


Environmentally sustainable

MOUNT10 covers 100% of its electricity consumption using energy from renewable sources.


Certificates and reports

When handling data, MOUNT10 strictly adheres to the legal provisions set down by Swiss law. The company meets all of the requirements necessary for the handling of sensitive data.