Server Housing

A safe place for your servers

Server housing: fail-safe IT infrastructure

SMEs in particular appreciate the server housing service provided by MOUNT10: they can either rent the server capacity they require, i.e. individual racks, or an entire server room. There are various terms for server housing: server homing, server housing or co-location.


Safe server room

There are numerous advantages of housing your servers at an external data center:

  • Protection against cyberattacks
  • Fail-safe infrastructure
  • Safe server room
  • Safe server environment
  • Data center location
  • Safe power supply for interruption-free servers


Safe server environment: Swiss Fort Knox

You have the safest data centre in Europe at your disposal for server housing: Swiss Fort Knox. In order to provide this service, MOUNT10 works closely together with Swiss Fort Knox’s operator SIAG Secure Infostore Ltd.


The risk of cyberattacks

Christoph Oschwald, board member of MOUNT10 and CEO of SIAG Secure Infostore Ltd., is convinced that “at some point, data will be more valuable than money”. He was one of four experts invited to the Top Talk programme on Tele Top. The topics under discussion were data protection, data security and typical stumbling blocks in the storage and transmission of data. And why it’s a good idea to store sensitive data in Switzerland.



Support 24/7 – individual, free and from Switzerland
MOUNT10’s support team is available to you round the clock. Here, you receive efficient and expert assistance in all matters concerning your data backup.
Data center in Switzerland
Your data stays in Switzerland and enjoys Swiss legal protection: data centres Swiss Fort Knox I and II are safely located in the Swiss Alps.
Safe housing
Your server housing solution is absolutely unique; we specifically tailor it to your requirements.

Your consultant


Philippe Gmür is your contact person regarding all questions on the subject of backup and housing.

With my many years of experience as a key account manager at MOUNT10, I would be happy to help you with any questions you may have about backup and housing. I look forward to being able to discuss your needs with you in a personal meeting.

Philippe Gmür
Key Account Manager

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