The MOUNT10 AG is part of a larger group of companies with more than 20 years of experience in the area of high secure storage of physical and electronical information. The basis of our services is built around SWISS FORT KNOX I + II, two high security datacenter fortresses in the Swiss Alps.

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Company history

  1. Foundation SIAG Secure Infostore AG
  1. Opening of SWISS FORT KNOX
  1. Development of SWISSVAULT
  1. Market launch of SWISSVAULT
    (as profit-center of SIAG)
  1. Spin-Off from SIAG to SWISSVAULT AG
  1. Name change from SWISSVAULT to MOUNT10
  1. Launch of Veeam Cloud Connect "VEEAM@MOUNT10"
    Renewal and upgrade of the management- and cooling systems including the UPS and Diesel generators
  1. Launch of DRaaS "REPLICA@MOUNT10"
    100% of the electrical energy from sustainable hydrodynamic power
    Massive increase of the bandwidth between SFK I + SFK II
    SFK II operation being ISO 27001 certified
  1. Launch MOUNT10 CloudDrive
    Bandwidth increases of internetaccess into SFK
  2. Launch MOUNT10 HOUSING
  3. Launch MOUNT10 CLOUD 2 CLOUD
  4. Launch MOUNT10 International

The company group

MOUNT10 AG offers fully automatic and standardized data backup - via internet to the mountains. Suitable for every company, from small and medium-sized companies to large companies, as well as self-employed and private people.





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MOUNT10 International is active in Austria and Germany. It defends and protects indispensable and vital data. SWISS DATA DEFENCE® is the effective digital life insurance when nobody knows what to do. 





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SIAG Secure Infostore AG ist a global provider of managed security services and also offering consultancy in the area of risk and security. At the high secure data center inside the Swiss Alps (SWISS FORT KNOX I + II), SIAG is offering an ideal protection for digital data against any known civil or military risk.

Experienced security experts consult, integrate and operate security solutions on a very high security standard - always with the required discretion.

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